Cinematic Mixer and Sound Editor

Featured Artists: Audreal & Kevin, Kaitencemusic
Drums: Joe Miller
Mastering Engineer: Alexandre Cote
Producers: James Landino, Andy Forsberg, Alexandre Cote
Creative Collaborator: Emily Morgan
Cover Art: Emily Morgan

This collection of tracks is something I wrote in the pinnacle of a six year journey. It’s a celebration of what’s next and remembering what it is to storm off into the darkness to start a new path.

Thank you to my family, friends and mentors (many who hold multiple titles in those categories) who have shaped my path so far.

A large group of collaborators to thank for making Red Lights for Warning Skies possible. The artists I worked with Kevin Erskine, Adrenal Gillette, Joe Miller and Kat MacleanDailey carried the words and tunes of my music and I am eternally grateful for their willingness to lend their voice (and drums).

Alex Cote most graciously mastered these 5 tracks and brought them to life in a way I hadn’t imagined (but hoped he would pull off ;))

Andy Forsberg, James Landino and Alex Cote were my producers and a major support system in the writing, recording and mixing of this project. Three power house producers who always steered me in the right direction. Thank you for your time!

Last but certainly not least, my girlfriend Emily Morgan who had to listen to this work in it’s primordial stages. But more importantly really helped me flesh out the emotional context behind the album and bring a lot of meaning to what I was doing at the time.

Aaaaand who is also responsible for the cover art for the EP <3

If you have 18 minutes, come on a journey with me and enjoy the ride.


Chris Burgess